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Account Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Please read these Terms of Use carefully. These Terms of Use govern the use and access platform (defined below) and use the service (defined below). By accessing the Platform and / or using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, then you do not / stop access and / or using the Platform or the Services.

Access to and use of password protected and/ or a particular protected area on the Platform and / or use of the Service is restricted only to customers who have a single account. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the Platform area and / or the Services, or other information protected area, in any way without our special permission use. Violation of this provision is based on the violation of Indonesian law and / or laws and regulations.
If you are under 18 years of age: You have to obtain consent from a parent or guardian, the reception or approval from parent / guardian of the Terms of Use as well as their agreement to take responsibility for: (i) actions; (Ii) costs associated with the use of any service or purchase of products; and (iii) acceptance of and compliance in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not have permission from a parent or guardian, you should stop using / accessing the platform and stop using the Service.

1. Definitions and Interpretation
Unless otherwise defined, the definitions and provisions of Annex 1 will apply to these Terms of Use.

2. The use of common services and / or access to Platform
2.1 Guidelines for the use of the Platform and / or Service: You are agree to abide by each and all of the guidelines, notices, operating rules and policies and instructions relating to use of the Services and / or access to the Platform, and any changes to it, issued by us, from time to time. We reserve the right to revise the guidelines, notices, operating rules, policies and instructions at any time and you are supposed to know and abide by any changes at the top after its notification or publication of this amendment in the Platform or the notice through other media.
2.2 forbidden activity: You agree and will NOT do:
(A) Posing as another person / entity, or provide false information, or claiming to be another person or entity;
(B) using the Platform or Service for any unlawful purpose (illegal);
(C) attempt to gain unauthorized access to or interfere with or disrupt computer systems or networks connected to the Platform or the Services;
(D) announced the (post), promote or transmit any Prohibited Content through the Platform or Services;
(E) interfere with the use and the use of the Platform or the Services;
(F) use or upload or uploading software or material containing / suspected of containing a virus, component damage, malicious code or harmful components in any manner that could damage data or cause damage to platforms or disrupt the computer operation of other customers or mobile device or platform or services; and
(G) Use the Service or Platform out of the rules / policies of the use of any connected computer network, any applicable Internet standards and other applicable laws.
2.3 Availability Platform and Services: We can increase, modify, suspend, discontinue the provision, delete, either in whole or in part of the Platform or the Services, without giving any reason and prior notice, and is not responsible if the improvement, modification, suspension or removal prevents you from accessing the Platform or any part of the Service.
2.4 Eligible, but have no obligation, to monitor content: We are entitled but not obliged to:
(A) monitor, filter or control any activity, content or materials on the Platform and / or through the Service. At our sole discretion, we may investigate any violation of the terms and conditions contained herein and may take any action it deems fit or appropriate;
(B) prevent or restrict customer access to the Platform and / or services;
(C) report the activities that is suspected as a violation of applicable law, statute or regulation to appropriate authorities and to cooperate with such authorities; and / or
(D) request your own information and data in connection with the Service and/or platform access at any time, and as the implementation of our rights if you refuse to give / disclose information / data, or if you provide the information that is inaccurate, misleading, fraudulent Data and / or information or if we have enough reasons to suspect you have provided the information that is inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent data and / or information.
2.5 Privacy Policy: Your use of the Service and / or access to the platform is also subject to the Privacy Policy as stated in

2.6 Terms and Conditions of Sale: Purchase of any product will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale as set forth in

2.7 Other provisions: in addition to these Terms of Use, the use of certain aspects of materials and services, more comprehensive or updated version of the material offered by us or a designated sub-contractor, may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which will apply fully.

3. Use of Service
3.1 Application of this Clause: Apart from all of the terms and conditions in these Terms of Use, the provisions of this Article 3 are provisions - additional provisions that specifically apply to your use of the Service.
3.2 Limitations: Usage Service is limited to legitimate Customer legally being in adulthood and who have legal capacity to enter / make a deal / agreement and bind themselves under applicable law. Customers who violate the terms and conditions set forth here as well as customers who are permanently or temporarily suspended from the use of any service is not allowed to use the service even though they meet the requirements of Clause 3.2.
3.3 Common Use Requirement:

You hereby agree:
(A) to always access and / or use the Service only for purposes that do not violate the law, and in a lawful manner and further agrees to carry out activities related to service in good faith; and
(B) ensure that any information or data that you provided / announced / posted or published in connection with the Service Platform is accurate and agree to be responsible for such information and data.
3.4 Product Description: We always strive to provide an accurate description of the product, but not responsible for the assurance that the description is accurate, updated or error-free.
3.5 Product Price: All prices listed are subject to tax unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to change the price list at any time without giving any reason or prior notice.

4. Customers with accounts Bootcampdahsyat
4.1 Username / Password: Service - specific services available in the platform needs to create an account or require you to provide your Personal Data. If you want to create an account Bootcampdahsyat, Username and Password can be: (i) specified and supplied by us to you; or (ii) you specify / provide and accepted by us based on our absolute discretion with respect to use of the Services and / or access to the relevant Platform. We are at any time with our policies, asking you to update your Personal Data or cancel the username and / or password without prior notice and not responsible for Losses (if any) suffered by you, or caused by, or arising from cancellation, or in connection with the cancellation, or on the basis / rationale request cancellation or revocation. You hereby agree to change / update your password regularly and to keep your Username and Password confidential and responsible for the security of your account and responsible for the disclosure or use (whether such use is authorized or not) of a Username and / or your password. You must notify us immediately if you know or have reason to suspect that the confidentiality of your username and / or password is interrupted or if there is unauthorized use of username and / or password or if you need to update your Personal Data.
4.2 Recognition of use / access: You agree and acknowledge that any use of the Service and / or access to the Platform and the information, data or communication refers Username or Your password will be considered, as:
(A) access to the Platform and / or use of the Service; or
(B) Post announcement / disclosure, provision: information, data or communication, legitimate incurred by you.
You hereby agree to be bound on the access platform and / or use of the Service (whether the access or use of these with your consent or not), and you agree that we reserve the right (but not the obligation) to hold and assume that the use of the name Username and / or Password you are done by your own (as long as no previous report unauthorized use of your account that have been proven) and entitled to conclude that the use / activities are performed or submitted by you and hold you. You further agree and acknowledge that you are bound and fully responsible to replace for damages caused by any use of any service and / or access to the Platform on behalf of the Username and Password.

5. Intellectual Property
5.1 Ownership: Intellectual Property (IPR) in or on the Platform and on any material, owned or licensed or controlled by us or our licensors or our service providers. We reserve the right to safeguard Intellectual Property fully for the sake of the law.
5.2 Restricted Use: No parts of the platform or the material may be reproduced, engineered, decompiled, disassembled, separated, modified, distributed, republished, displayed, broadcast, linked (hyperlinked), reflected (mirrored), structured (framed), transferred or transmitted by any means, or stored / installed in an information retrieval system or installed on a server, system or equipment, without prior written permission from us or from the copyright owner concerned. In accordance with Article 5.3, permits will only be given to you to download, print or use the Materials for your personal and non-commercial use, under the condition that you do not change the material, we or the concerned owner of copyright is the holder of all/any Copyright and other ownership Copyright contained in the Materials.
5.3 Trademarks (Trademarks): Trademarks are registered and unregistered on our behalf or on behalf of third parties.
Nothing on the Platform and these Terms of Use shall be construed as granting, by implication or not, or construed as a license or right to use (including on meta tagatau "hot" link to any other website) any Trademarks displayed on the Service, without written permission from us or other applicable Trade owner.

6. Limitations of us on the responsibilities and obligations
6.1 No representation or warranty:
Service, Platform and Materials provided is based on "as is" and "as available". All data and / or information contained in the Platform, Services or Materials are provided for informational purposes only. No representations or warranties of any kind, implied, express or regulated, including the warranties of non-infringement (non-infringement) upon third parties include: the rights, title, merchantability (merchantability), satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect Platform, Services or Materials. Without prejudice to other applicable provisions, we can not guarantee:
(A) the accuracy, timeliness, adequacy, or completeness of the commercial value of all the data and / or information contained in the Platform, Services or Materials;
(B) that the Platform, Service or that any material is always available without interruption, secure or free from errors or omissions, or for any defects found will be corrected immediately;
(C) that the Platform, Services or Materials are always free of computer viruses or other malicious code, harm, damage, agent, program or macros; and
(D) security of any information transmitted by you or to you through the Platform or Service, and with this you accept the risk that any information transmitted or received through the Service or Platform can be accessed by third parties unauthorized and / or disclosed by us or officer, employee or agent of a third party who claims as you or claiming to act under your authority. Transmission via the Internet and electronic mail may be subjected to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission due to Internet traffic or incorrect data transmission due to the public nature of the internet.
6.2 Exclusion of responsibility: Bootcampdahsyat not responsible to you for any Losses or whatever the cause (performance of any kind) arising directly or indirectly linked above:
(A) Access, use and / or inability to use the Platform or the Services;
(B) Your reliance (relying) on ?? The data or information is available through the Platform and / or through the service. You are not supposed to act only rely on data or information without first independently verify its contents;
(C) System, server or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, delay in transmission, computer virus or malicious code, harmful, damaging other programs or macros agent; and
(D) Any use of or access to other websites or web pages that linked with platform or contained in the platform, even if we or our officers or agents or employees have been notified, or might have been anticipated, for the same possibility.
6.3 At your own risk: Any risk of misunderstandings, errors, damage, costs or Losses result from the use of the Platform, is entirely at your own risk and Bootcampdahsyat is not responsible for it.

7. Hyperlink, warning and advertisement / advertising
7.1 Hyperlinks: For your convenience, we may include hyperlinks to other websites or content on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties. Linked site or any content is not under our control and we are not responsible for errors, omissions, delays, defamation, slander, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, inaccuracies or other material contained in the content, or the consequences of accessing , any related websites. Any hyperlinks to other websites or content are not an endorsement or verification of such sites or the content, and you agree that your access to or use of the linked site or the content entirely at your own risk.
7.2 Advertising: We can attach banners, java applets and / or other materials such as for the Platform for purposes of advertising or advertise their products and / or services or advertising/ product advertising/ our third party vendor services. To avoid a doubt, you do not have the right to receive payment, fees and / or commissions in connection with the advertising or other promotional material.

8. Submissions and information from you
8.1 Submissions by you: You give us permission / non-exclusive license to use the material or information that you submitted to the Platform and / or provide to us, including but not limited to, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively " submissions "). When you post a submission, you also give us the right to use the name that you submit or username connection with such review, comment, or other content. You will not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself or mislead us or third parties as to the origin of any submissions. We may, but not obligated to, publish, delete or edit your submissions.
8.2 Consent to receive e-mail: You approve and authorize the use by us of any information provided by you (including Personal Data) for the purpose of sending information and promotional e-mails to you. Your acceptance of the provisions of this Clause 8.2 constitutes your agreement aimed at protection from spam (either in Indonesia or elsewhere). You can choose not to receive e-mail promotions by clicking on the hyperlink provided in the e-mail campaign to declare that you will unsubscribe from e-mail promotions.
8.3 Privacy Policy: By this you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy as outlined in, and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data for the purposes as set out in the Privacy Policy.

9. Termination
9.1 Termination by us: According to our policies, immediately after giving notice, we may terminate your use of the Platform and / or services and / or disable your Username and Password. We may terminate your access to the Platform and / or Service (or any part thereof) for any reason, including for violation of these Terms & Conditions of Use or where if we believe that you have violated or acted in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply here, or if in our opinion or the opinion of the regulatory authority, the services related to the platform not to be given / carried out.
9.2 Termination by You: You may terminate these Terms and Conditions of Use by giving notice in writing within seven (7) working days to us.
9.3 For the purposes of this termination, you and Bootcampdahsyat agreed to waive the provisions set forth in Article 1266 of the Indonesian Civil Code so that the termination will be made without the approval or decision of a court or other institution in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

10. Notifications
10.1 Notice of us: All notices or other communication given to you:
(A) communicated via print or electronic media is sent in a publication or broadcast date we have chosen; or
(B) sent by mail or delivered to the last address you, and shall be deemed received by you on the day of the delivery or on the day of receipt.
10.2 Notice from you: you can only give us a written notice sent to the address or our designated email, and we'll assume that you have received such notices only on the date of receipt. We strive to respond promptly to any notice from you, but we cannot guarantee that we will always respond with a consistent pace all the time.
10.3 Other media: Although set in Clause 10.1 and 10.2 above, we may occasionally be able to choose the media or any other way in giving notice (including but not limited to e-mail or other forms of electronic communication) the time or when deemed received at the time the notice is given.

11. General
11.1 Rights cumulative and remedy: Unless otherwise specified in the Terms & Conditions of Use, clause - a clause Terms and Conditions Of Use and our rights and remedies under these Terms and Conditions of Use, is cumulative and without prejudice as well as the rights or remedies we may we have under law or in equity, and there is no provision which would impede or prevent our rights and legal effort or our remedies under applicable law.
11.2 No Waiver: The failure of us to enforce the Terms and Conditions of Use shall not constitute a waiver of the provision - this provision, and such failure will not affect our right to subsequently enforce these Terms and Conditions of Use. We will continue to be entitled to exercise the right and remedy/ our legal effort in any other environment where you violate these Terms of Use.
11.3 Severability: If at any time there is a provision in the Terms and Conditions of Use which becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the legality, validity and enforceability of any other provision in the Terms and Conditions of Use will not be affected or impaired thereby, and will continue to apply.
11.4 Third Party Rights: A person or party who is not a party that is subjected to the Terms and Conditions of Use, is not entitled under any law and any jurisdiction to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions of Use. To avoid a doubt, nothing in this clause shall affect the rights of any permitted transfer of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
11.5 11.5 Applicable Law: Use of Platform and / or Service and Terms & Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Jakarta.
11.6 Legal Assistance: We can find or use legal assistance promptly in good faith to address violations or non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions of Use of this is such that a temporary restraining order or other direct compensation was the only appropriate or adequate.
11.7 Changes: We notice through the Platform or by other methods as we want (which may include notification via e-mail), may change the terms and provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use in force at the date that we determined through the above. If you are using Platform or service after that date, you are deemed to have accepted those changes. If you want to accept or reject those changes, you have to stop accessing or using the Platform and Services and terminate these Terms and Conditions of Use. Our right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use in the above can be implemented without the consent of any person or entity who is not a party under these Terms and Conditions of Use.
11.8 Error correction: Every typo, administrative or other error or omission in the receipt, invoice or other document that occur on our side we will be a material improvement made by us.
11.9 Currency: Currency related to the Terms & Conditions of Use are denominated in Indonesian Rupiah.
11:10 The whole deal: Terms and Conditions of Use shall constitute the entire agreement between you and us relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes and replaces in full all the understanding, communications and prior agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof.
11:11 Binding and conclusive: You acknowledge and agree that any records (including records of any phone conversations associated with the Service, if any) are managed by us or our service providers relating to or in connection with the Platform and Services shall be binding and conclusive on you for all purpose and a proof of any information and / or data transmitted between us and you. You agree that all records are admissible as evidence and that you will not be challenged or denied receipt, reliability, accuracy or authenticity of the note with the reason for these records in electronic form or output from the computer system.
11:12 Sub-contractors and delegates: We reserve the right to assign or sub-contract the performance of any of our functions with respect to the Platform and / or the Services and reserves the right to use service providers, subcontractors and / or agents on such terms as we deem appropriate.
11:13 Diversion: You may not assign your rights and obligations to the Terms & Conditions of Use without our prior written permission.
11:14 Force Majeure: We are free from any accountability from the tort, errors, interruptions or delays in the implementation of the obligations or for any inaccuracies or discrepancies Platform and / or the content of the Service, if it is caused, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by an event or failure caused by Force Condition or Force Majeur.

Appendix 1
Definitions and Interpretation

1. Definitions. Unless otherwise specified, the following terms shall have the following meanings in these Terms and Conditions of Use:
1.1 "Customer" has the same meaning as the term of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
1.2 "Intellectual Property" means all copyright, patents, innovation utilities, trademarks and service marks, geographical indications, domain names, rights of layout design, registered designs, design rights, database rights, trade names or business, the right to protect trade secrets and confidential information, the right to protect the goodwill and reputation, and all rights of ownership of the same or other related and all of the same applications, whether currently existing or created in the future, anywhere in the world, whether registered or not, and all the benefits, rights privilege, the right to demand, and get help to recover damages or other remedies for any past violations of current or future, abuse or violation of the rights as mentioned above.
1.3 "Bootcampdahsyat Indemnitees" means Bootcampdahsyat, affiliates and all their respective officers, directors, agents, contractors and recipients.
1.4 "Bootcampdahsyat", "us" and "our" refer to PT. Edunet Global., A company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and the address listed on Jl. Purification 2 No.3D, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat 10210.
1.5 "List Price" means the price of the products listed for sale to customers, as contained in the Platform.
1.6 "Losses" means any penalties, damages, settlement amounts, costs (including legal costs and attorney's fees), costs, expenses, actions, processes, claims, demands and other obligations, which can be guessed or not.
1.7 "Material" means, collectively, all web pages on the platform, including information, images, links, sounds, pictures, video, software, applications and other materials displayed or available on the Platform and the functions or services provided in the Platform.
1.8 "Order" means your order for products through the Platform in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
1.9 "Password" refers to a valid password belonged to the Customer that has Bootcampdahsyat account that can be used with the username to access the Platform and / or the Services.
1:10 "Personal Data" means data, whether true or not, that can be used to identify, contact to look for you. Personal Data may include your name, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information. "Personal Data" will be deemed to include any data that you provide to us when placing the Order.
1:11 "Platform" means: (a) the web and / or mobile version of a web-operated and / or owned by Bootcampdahsyat which is currently located at the following URL:
1:12 "Privacy Policy" means the privacy policy set forth in
1:13 "Product" means the product (including the installment product or any part of it) is available for sale to customers in the Platform.
1:14 "Prohibited Content" means any information, graphics, images, data and / or other materials:
(A) contain a computer virus or other destructive or invasive code, program or macro;
(B) violating our intellectual property rights or third parties, or other proprietary rights;
(C) libelous, defamatory or threatening;
(D) obscene, pornographic, obscene, false, fraud, theft, malicious or illegal under applicable laws; and / or
(D) or content that is offensive or inappropriate, based on our opinion.
1:15 "Services" means the services, information and functions provided by our Platform.
1:16 "Submission" as defined in Clause 8.1 Terms and Conditions of Use.
1:17 "Terms and Conditions of Sale" means the terms and conditions governing the Customer purchase the Product and set in
1:18 "Terms and Conditions of Use" means all the provisions, clauses 1-11 and each appendix of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
1:19 "Trademark" means the trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos used and displayed on the Platform.
1:20 "Username" refers to the identification of a unique login name or code that identifies customers who have an account at
1:21 "You" refers to Customer, Purchaser and / or individuals aged over 18 or under 18 but with the representative and / or supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
2. Interpretation: Every reference to the Terms and Conditions of Use for each provision should be construed as a reference that the provision as amended, re-enacted or extended at the relevant time. In the Treaty, whenever the word "including", "is used, will be considered as" without limitation ". Unless otherwise specified, all references to the day are the day of the calendar, and the "month" or "monthly" refers to a calendar month. Each name may not be made interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, if there is a conflict or inconsistency between two or more provisions of these Terms & Conditions of Use, whether the provisions contained in the same document or different, conflict or inconsistency then Bootcampdahsyat will determine the applicable regulations.


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