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Saturday, 27 February 2021 | 16:29:43 GMT +7
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About Us

Salam Dahsyat !

Every human being has always had the potential and the best in him. It's just that most of us often do not realize or do not even bother with it. Yet when we are aware and have a strong desire to develop the character, the mindset and the best potential that exists within us, the effect will be remarkable for the quality of life and the existence of ourselves.

Based on the reality above, Edunet GLOBAL moved to participate in the process of self-empowerment and the development human potential, especially through the formation programs of mental and mindset. From this activity, it is expected of every person will be able to actualize their full potential in order to provide a better life, more valuable, and more qualified for himself, family, and society.

In 2003, as Edunet GLOBAL participation in order to realize the objectives above, creates the seminars and training full of meanings. And Bootcamp - Value Your Life is one example of training initiated by Edunet GLOBAL. Training delivery and form a new human being who has character, morals, integrity and a strong personality and oriented to the achievement of participants has now been attended by participants from 70 countries around the world.

Through coaching programs and mental development that we held, each person is expected to be able to actualize their full potential in order to provide a better life, more valuable and more qualified for himself, family, community, nation and the world.

We hope that what we do can make someone's life change better than ever. We believe that with a strong will and the right mindset, the success of life that we yearn for sure in the hand.

See You On Top !